Q. Can MYS Education Services get me a university admission?

Yes.  We can assist you with university admissions. We review your documents and academic credentials and match you with the university that fits these credentials.


Q. Which city and university can I get admitted into?

We have working relationships with many universities in the U.S.   It all depends on your academic credentials.  Once we review your academic credentials, we will be able to tell you which universities will be the best match for you. If you have a preference in a particular city or university, please let us know so we may search for universities in that area.


Q. What is the cost of your university admission services?

Please contact customer services 2025052233


Q. How much time does it take to get a university admission?

It takes 1-4 months to obtain a university admission depending on the program and the university.  For a timely admission, you should ensure that 1) all of your documents are ready at the time of admission, and 2) you have taken all of your tests (IELTS/TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, MAT, etc.).  If you would like to expedite your admission, please contact us at 2025052233 and let us know that you would like the Express Admission Service.


Q. Which documents do I need to send to you for university admissions?

The documents needed are outlined here at “Submitting documents.”


Q. Can I choose a university or will MYS Education choose for me?

Yes, you may choose a university. We will do the research to see if your credentials match with the university’s requirement and advise you accordingly.  We advise that students, while choosing a university of their own, also apply to a university who we have recommended based on our experience to improve your chances of admission.


Q. What do I do after I get my university admission?

Get your I-20.  Register for classes. Prepare for arrival. Visit the campus.  Attend orientation. We can help you with your I-20 contact us at 2025052233.